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ClearSteel: ClearSteel is a ready to use, solvent based organo-silicon polymer for protecting many organic and inorganic materials  surfaces from discoloration and health issues caused by mold and related microorganisms.  ClearSteel is non-yellowing, transparent, and easy to apply and cures rapidly. Like all of the silicon products, ClearSteel molecularly bonds and anchors with the material/substrate it is applied upon.  It forms a nano-thin, seamless, durable inhospitable matrix on the surface. The new surface is incompatible to the mold groups and because of its unique characteristics deprives molds of their water and food sources. Molds need water and food to survive and when they can’t find it, like any living organism, will leave and search for another area hospitable to their needs. Once cured, the surface is harmless to humans and pets.  The area to be applied should be cleaned prior to application.

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