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United Polytech Chroma Tech Polystain

Depending upon the desired effect, Chroma Tech Polystain can go from Translucent to solid colors.  Varying the colorant  loading gives wide range in the esthetics, variegation, mottling and masking of the surface.  Typical uses include

  • Create bold coloring effects
  • Use as a washing and softening effect
  • Fix mismatched color concrete
  • Provide translucent color masking
  • Antiquing stamped concrete

Polystain is a blend of Polymers, co-solvents, surfactants, dispersing and wetting agents with pre-measured pigment packs that are mixed in at the time of application.  It can also be used over conventional acid stains to broaden the color range significantly.  It can produce an incredible variety of shades, hues, marbling, mottling and gradients.

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